Huatsing Housing Holding Co., Ltd. centers on city operation and urban development. Pioneered by innovation groups such as the most well-known experts in the industry in China and international experts and relying on first-class city innovation teams, design and planning teams at home and abroad, we are bent on: extracting cities’resources and forging their core momentum; creating new thematic and enclosed urban economic entity; optimizing economic development layout; precisely positioning industrial planning and industrial development orientation and the direction for the integration of city with industry; assisting local governments in making development strategies to prosper their countries through industry, erect their cities by finance and scientific development; with investment, financing, bond issuing and capital operation as core, activating city resources, exploiting city potential and upgrading city value; organizing our allied  professional EPC companies to implement our projects modularly, carry out constructions comprehensively and launch one-stop services.It is always our pursuit to integrate with the construction concept of nature, environmental protection and low carbon while keeping a foothold on science and technology. It is always the main direction of our efforts to establish new economic entity from nothing by gathering social resources and high level configurations. Besides, it is our belief to serve the government and benefit the people by adopting first-class financial management modes. We think about today from the perspective of the future and will lay a solid foundation for people’s welfare through todays achievements.