Focusing on city development and city operation along the Belt and Road, Huatsing Housing Holding Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive operator of the city development along the Belt and Road. Pioneered by such bodies as Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University, City Planning and Design Institute of Tsinghua University, Silk Road Planning and Design Center, Peking University’s China Center for Strategic Studies, Region and City Planning and Design Center of Institute of Graphic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and experts and creative groups such as independent economists, financial experts and military experts and relying on first-class city innovation teams and design and planning teams at home and abroad, we are bent on: extracting cities’ resources and forging their core momentum; creating cities’ thematic and ecological core value system; assisting local governments in making development strategies of prospering their countries through industry, erecting their cities by science and technology and safeguarding them by finance. Regarding consolidating national strength and improving people welfare as our mission and consultation, co-building and sharing Silk Road achievements as our target, we are weaving a happy dream for humankind’s great rejuvenation.


Backed up by our country, powered by our alliance and safeguarded by our operation, we have become a comprehensive operator of city development along the Belt and Road. We have got support from banks including both their domestic branches and overseas branches such asChinadevelopment bank, Export-Import Bank of China, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank ofChina,Chinaconstruction bank, Bank of China. We have also received strong support from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Ministry of Commerce ofChina, National Development and Reform Commission of China and other relevant departments. We are assisted by Silk Road Investment Fund, Silk Road International Holding Group, Silk Road International Aviation Group, Silk Road TV station and Silk Road International Media Group. 

With the integrated development of investment, financing, bond issuing and multiple modes of capital operation as core, we activate city resources, explore city potential and promote securitization of city heavy assets so as to reduce governmental debt and increase city value; meantime, we organize various industries, company alliances and professional companies to implement our projects modularly, carry out our constructions comprehensively and launch one-stop services. We have become a comprehensive city operator whose business covers strategic research of city development, research of economic development planning, top-level design of urban construction and development, high-end plan of productivity cooperation projects, structural innovation and intelligent construction of civil residence projects, top-level design of currency and financial transactions, smart investment, financing, fund management, bond issuance and classic construction along the Belt and Road.


Our main orientation of development is creating new economic entity from scratch through accumulation and high-end configuration of international resources. Serving local governments and benefiting local people through first-class capital planning and management mode is what we believe in. Basing upon science and technology and integrating the construction concept of being natural, environmental friendly and low-carbon is what we consistently pursue. People from Huatsing Housing are thinking about today from the perspective of tomorrow and building the future with today’s achievements.