Huatsing Housing Holding Co., Ltd. is a joint institution which was Silu Investment Fund Co., Ltd,Silk road international holding Group Co., Ltd,Silk Road International Aviation Group Co., Ltd,Silk Road International Media Group Co., Ltd,One Belt And One Road national urban development alliance,Huatsing International Construction Engineering Co., Ltd,and Silk Road TV Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive company operating on many fields including strategic research of development and economic development layout for countries and cities along the Belt and Road , top-level design for city construction and development, high-end planning for cooperative projects on productivity, civilian houses’ space design innovation and intelligent construction, top-level design of currency and financial transactions, intelligent investment, financing, fund management, bond issuing, barter business and classic construction.

We focus on city operation and city development for the countries along the Belt and Road. With creative groups such as industry experts as our pioneers and relying on top-ranking city innovation teams and design and planning teams at home and abroad, we aim to extract cities’ resources and forge their core momentum; create thematic and ecological city economic entity; assist local governments to formulate development strategies of industry prospering country, science-tech erecting city and finance making guarantee with investment, financing, bond issuing and capital operation as core; organize our allied EPC companies and special companies to implement our goals modularly; carry out comprehensive constructions and launch one-stop service. The construction ideology of standing upon science and technology, integrating into Nature, ecology-friendliness and low-carbon is our consistent pursuit; gathering social resources, configuring them at high level and creating new economic entities from nothing are our main striving orientations; adopting top-ranking capital operation modes to benefit local governments and people is our faith. We think about today with future in mind and build future with today in contribution.