Huatsing housing holdings Co., LTD., is an organizational structure which is composed of the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Chinese famous Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (for short is AIIB), the Silk Road co., LTD., China Association for the Promotion of Open Financial Investment Funds, the Silk Road International Holding Group co., LTD., the Silk Road International Airlines Group co., LTD., the Silk Road International Media Group co., LTD., the  co., LTD. of City Development Union of the Nations along the One Belt and One Road, and the Silk Road Television. Huatsing housing holdings Co., LTD. is a city comprehensive operation unit which covers the work of forming a strategy research on the city development of the nations along the One Belt and One Road, and the top design of urban construction and development, the overall arrangement of economic development, making a high-end plan about capacity cooperation, the space originality and intelligent construction of residential engineering, the top design of currency and financial transaction, wise investment, financing, fund management, issuance, barter transaction and classic construction.

The urban operation and development of the One Belt And One Road are the emphasis of Huatsing housing holdings Co., LTD. The company takes innovative groups such as industry experts as the vanguard, relying on the first-class urban creative team, design team at home and abroad to extract urban resources, creating the nuclear power of urban. It also focus on creating a thematic and enclosed city economy. We company endeavor to  make a good economic development layout, positioning precisely of industrial planning, and development direction. We always try to assist the government in setting up the development strategy of enriching industry and country, always take the the operation of investment, financing, bond issuance and capital operation as the core. And we also organize EPC alliance enterprises and professional companies to do modularized implement, composite construction and one-stop service. Basing on science and infusing the construction ideas of nature, environmental protection and low-carbon is our consistent pursuit. Collecting social resources and high-end configuration to creat a new economy from nothing is the main direction of our development. And it is our faith that serve the government and benefit the people in the first-class financing method. The people of Huatsing housing holdings Co., LTD. would think of today from the perspective of the future, and to achieve the future from today's endeavor.