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Top-level design

In 2015, the company was transferred and upgraded into a comprehensive operator for city development of the countries along the Belt and Road to provide top-level design and high-end plan for city development strategy of Belt and Road countries. It fully exerts its advantages in think tank, capability of high-end resource allocation, flexibility and tactfulness of its system and organization and management of domestic and foreign superior talents to set up strategic supporting points for Chinese companies’ going abroad and bringing in, which will motivate China’s hinterland development. We highly efficiently construct the projects along the Belt and Road to promote Belt countries’ economic prosperity and regional economic cooperation and development as well as enhancing our alliance and collaboration with the companies in the Belt and Road countries to found international companies, and to realize the triune development mode of industry-finance integration,  commerce-finance integration and industry-city integration through operation modes including reorganization, merge and acquisition and sole proprietorship and to achieve the Silk Road aims of mutual learning, mutual combining, co-creating, co-building, win-win and shared benefits. We have become a comprehensive city development operator for the Belt and Road countries through new economy, new thinking, new industry and new mode. 

High-end planning

As a comprehensive operator of city development along the Belt and Road, we focus on city development with industry experts as pioneers and rely on first-class domestic and international city innovation groups and design and plan teams to extract city spirit and forge city brand. We build thematic and enclosed ecological industrial parks, precisely position industrial projects and set industry development orientation.  We also assist governments to formulate the development strategy of industry prospering country and finance erecting city with investment, financing, bond issuing and capital operation as its core. The first thing for planning is to know about the history, culture, law, religion, belief, natural environment, ecological system, population, resources, social structure, employment rate, income, industrial status, education level, politics, living conditions, consumption ability, and life style etc. in the subject country to better understand its first industry’s condition, its second industry’s developing level and its third industry’s activeness. Then we can scientifically extract cities’ development factors, upgrade and transform present industrial structure, activate social resources and efficiently utilize natural resources to serve ecological civilization construction and precisely decide future development orientation and aim. High-end planning shall not go off reality but keep tradition in mind and combine with present human environment, social environment and natural environment. While looking into future, we shall go step by step from satisfying rigid demand to exploiting potential demand and then to leading consumption demand, according to which investment plan is made. We will reserve traditional crafts and inherit culture memory; open a development road of combining intelligent industry with science-tech and information industries and make export-oriented plans basing on scientific and technological products with national characters and natural characters; promote employment and increase people’s income, enhance consumers’ re-consumption capacity and make consumption-oriented plans, in which consumption takes a larger part. High-end plan adheres to the principle that one blueprint is drawn to the end, which means a comprehensive city development plan integrates multiple sub-plans in one city including environment plan, tourism plan, municipal construction plan, investment attraction plan, modern agriculture plan, traffic plan, human resource plan, economic development plan, local resource plan, culture, arts, education, antique and medical care plan, intelligent city plan, Underground pipe gallery and space plan, overall reasonable layout and planetc.

Resource allocation

Huatsing House Holding Co., Ltd. combines industry with city, commerce with tourism, and industry with finance and follows the orientations of industry prospering city, finance erecting city and capital operation. Based on the natural endowments, ecological environment and industrial structure of the Belt and Road countries, we analyze and research into the local issues such as population distribution, religion and belief, national income, life style etc. and form the market environment and consumption ideology of rigid demand being led to consumption demands, and then the latter being led to trend consumption so as to allocate good resources, create new industries, optimize and upgrade local industrial structure , which will then meet the present and future market demand, improve employment, increase tax, promote people’s happiness and realize the Silk Road Aims of consultation, co-construction, win-win and shared benefits. 

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Strategic Thinking

Architectual Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University undertakes the strategic mission of top-level design and high-end planning for cities in the Belt and Road countries while Huatsing House Holding Co., Ltd. shoulders the important task of comprehensive operation and development of those cities. Centering on the comprehensive operation of city development in the Belt countries, Huatsing House Holding Co., Ltd. focuses on three aspects: 1. infrastructure construction; 2. civilian residence construction; 3. industrial cluster construction, which will be the center of our planning, design, investment, construction and work.

As a comprehensive operator of city development of Belt and Road countries, we have set up our near-term target, medium-term target and long-term goal and have formulated the strategy of quick start and quick finish of short-term projects, phased implementation of medium-term projects, and planning and operation of long-term projects. As for investment, short-term projects are invested directly, medium-term ones are invested with stocks, and long-term ones with debt investments. 

As a city comprehensive development operator, Huatsing Housing Holding Co., LTD. conducts cooperation with various parties through the on-line mode of Internet plus big data and the off-line mode. Resources collection, information publicizing, tendering and bidding are done on line while survey, negotiation and signing contracts are carried out off-line.  We focus on distributing national and social resources to promote economic structural adjustment and better resources allocation so as to enhance economy development momentum and stamina and facilitate national economy’s long-lasting development. To cooperate profoundly with domestic and foreign governments, research institutions, financial organizations and companies to found international companies, carry out acquisition and execute reorganization and resource exchange so as to realize the Silk Road expectations of co-construction, win-win and benefits sharing.

As a comprehensive city development operator of the Belt and Road countries, we aims at combining “going out” and “bringing in” more tightly and better utilizing domestic and foreign resources and markets. In the international cooperation framework of the Belt and Road construction, upholding the principles of consultation, co-construction and shared benefits, all parties shall strive to create new development opportunities, seek new development momentum, expand new development space and realize mutual complementation and win-win. 


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Level 1: "near target" strategy.

Start business in real estate development to improve civilian housing and promote residence quality thus satisfying people’s rigid demand. 

Level 2: "medium-term goals" strategy.

Construct and create newly-developing industrial parks by fully exploiting and utilizing both the domestic and the foreign markets, overlaying and reorganizing multiple resources and forging ecological economic circle basing on the target country’s natural resources, social resources and production factors etc so as to promote employment, increase income, strengthen tax impetus and prosper market. 

Level 3: "long-term goals" strategy.

Complete and improve cities’ comprehensive service abilities and enhance their infrastructure construction and ancillary functions construction by PPP, BOT, EPC, EPC+F, F+EPC and so on.


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