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Top-level design

In 2015, the company's transformation and upgrading became the integrated operator of national cities along the One Belt And One Road. To carry out the top-level design and high-end planning for the development strategies of the cities along the routes. HuaQing anju holdings co., LTD., fully take advantage of their "think tank", high-end "ability" advantages of resource allocation, tact "system", the integration of high-end network at home and abroad "operating" advantage, for China's enterprises "going out" and "please come in" makes the driving the development of hinterland of the strategic fulcrum. The effective application of "One Belt And One Road" to promote the economic prosperity of countries along the belt and road and regional economic cooperation and development, and strengthen the alliance cooperation with the enterprises of the respective countries. To form a transnational corporation, through restructuring and acquisition, sole proprietorship and other management methods realize the integration of production, integration, integration and integration of the city and the city. We should learn from each other and share the benefits of mutual learning and mutual learning. Hua qing anju holding co., LTD. Has become a comprehensive operator of the national cities along the One Belt And One Road with new economy, new thinking and new business mode.

High-end planning

huatsing housing holdings co., LTD. As the integrated operator of One Belt And One Road national urban development. With the focus of urban development, the innovation group, such as industry experts, is the pioneer, relying on the first-rate urban creative team, design planning team, refining the spirit of the city and building the city brand. Create thematic and enclosed ecological industrial parks, pinpoint industry projects, and industrial development direction. To assist the government in setting up the industrial xingang, the development strategy of financial city, with investment, financing, bond issuance and capital operation as the core. Planning the focus of the first to understand the history of the earthly kingdom city, culture, religion, faith, and the natural environment, ecological environment, population, resource conditions, social structure, employment, income, industry status, level of education, political environment, living standards, consumption ability, lifestyle, etc. Its objective is to better grasp the first industry condition, the development level of the secondary industry, the activity of the tertiary industry and so on. Thus, the development elements of the city, the upgrading and transformation of the current industrial structure, the activation of social resources, the effective utilization of natural resources, and the development of ecological civilization construction. Accurately formulate future development direction and objectives. The high-end planning should be close to the ground, not forget the tradition, not out of the present human environment, social environment and natural environment. The future should be gradual, from meeting the rigid demand to tapping potential demand to guiding consumption demand to make investment plan. Preserve traditional craft and inherit cultural memory. The development of intelligent industry and technology information industry integration and development path, with national characteristics and natural characteristics of science and technology products as a basis for the development of export-oriented planning. To promote the employment population in the cities of the country, raise the income of the residents, and drive the consumption capacity of the consumption group, to formulate the consumption plan based on consumption. High-end planning is "a blueprint drawing to the end" and is a comprehensive urban development plan of "multi-regulation and integration". Subdivided into: environmental planning, tourism planning, urban construction investment development planning, industry planning, modern agricultural planning, transportation planning, human resource development planning, economic development planning, local resources planning, culture and art education sites medical planning, the wisdom of city planning, underground pipe rack and the spatial planning and reasonable overall layout planning and so on various aspects planning.

Resource allocation

Hua qing anju holdings co., LTD. Will "integrate the city, integrate the business and combine the products". With industry xingbang, financial city, capital operation as the guide. Along with "One Belt And One Road" national urban natural endowment, ecological environment, the present situation of the industrial structure to dependency parsing thoroughly the city's population distribution, religion, national income, life style and social structure, build from the rigid demand led to consumer demand, from consumer demand leads to the trend of market environment and consumption concept, and configuration of high quality resources, regenerate new industries, optimize and upgrade local industrial structure, to meet current and future market demand, stimulating employment, tax increases, increase the happiness of the people's well-being, to achieve "discuss, co-construction and sharing, win-win," the silk road.

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Strategic Thinking

(一)Seek bureau
The architectural design institute of tsinghua university undertakes the top-level design of the national cities along the "One Belt And One Road" and the strategic task of high-end planning. Hua qing anju holding co., LTD undertakes the important task of comprehensive operation and development. Hua qing anju holding co., LTD will focus on the integrated operation of the national cities along "One Belt And One Road", mainly from three aspects. 1. Infrastructure construction. 2. Construction of residential buildings. 3. Industrial cluster construction. The company will develop in these three areas; Planning, design, investment, construction, work.
Hua qing anju holding co., LTD has become the national city integrated development operator of One Belt And One Road. Have developed near-term goals, medium-term goals and long-term goals in operational development strategies. In terms of tactics, short-term projects are developed quickly, the mid-term projects are phased in, and long-term project layout and operation strategy. In terms of investment; Short-term projects direct investment. Medium-term project equity investment. Long-term project debt investment.
HuaQing housing urban comprehensive development co., LTD., as the area along the national carrier, fully using the "Internet ` ten big data online, offline operation mode with the close cooperation. Online gathering resources, publishing information, bidding and tendering, offline investigation, negotiation, signing. HuaQing anju holdings co., LTD., committed to the deployment of national resources, social resources, to promote economic restructuring and resources optimization configuration, constantly enhance the motivation and power of economic development in our country, promote the long-term development of the national economy. Fully cooperate with domestic and foreign government resources, scientific research institutions, financial institutions, corporate enterprises, established transnational corporations, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, resource exchange. We will achieve win-win and Shared silk road results.
HuaQing anju holdings co., LTD., as "One Belt And One Road" urban comprehensive operation of countries along the developers, is to put the "going out" and "please come in" close together, better use of two resources and two markets at home and abroad. Within the framework of international cooperation in the area along the 'construction, adhere to discuss, the parties, sharing principle, create a new development opportunity, seek the development momentum, expand the development of new space, realize the complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results.

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Level 1: "near target" strategy.

Is to real estate development for the cut, improve residential construction, improve the quality of housing to meet the rigid needs of the people.

Level 2: "medium-term goals" strategy.

Construction and creation of new industrial park projects. Combined with earthly kingdom's natural resources, social resources, such as factors of production resources, fully mining and utilization at home and abroad, foreign and foreign, between the two markets, the superposition of a variety of resources and reorganization, the output to the input of ecological economy, so as to boost employment, increase their income. We will increase tax incentives and invigorate the market.

Level 3: "long-term goals" strategy.

It is to improve and improve the comprehensive service capacity of the city, to increase the infrastructure construction of the city, and the construction of supporting facilities in cities. Adopt PPP mode, BOT mode, Epc mode, Epc 10 F mode, F 10 Epc model and other construction.


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