Urban development

Huajingju Juju Holding Co., Ltd. has precise positioning of the urban development along the country along the way, the economic experts, planning and design experts of the joint country cities, the government officials to participate in the urban economic development layout, the top design of urban planning , To establish the industrial development direction, to create industrial clusters, to build new dwellings, to build urban complexes, commercial complexes, to improve the city's infrastructure, to improve the city's infrastructure, Construction, construction of urban functions, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, highways, rail transportation, airport facilities, underground corridors, ecological civilization construction and urban security systems and national security information system construction Wait. To achieve "production city integration" production and research combined with "production and trade integration," the 'one way all the way' international satellite city.

Industrial clusters

Huajingju Holding Co., Ltd. has developed and developed the industrial development of the cities along the country along the way of urban development, combined with the natural ecological resources, environmental and ecological advantages of the country, and the development and upgrading of local industries such as power plants, Natural gas plants, chemical plants and so on. Creating new industries such as modern agriculture industry, new building materials industry, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, information industry, national security system construction. Create new forms of industry such as new retail, new business, new services and so on. The form of upstream, midstream, downstream interoperability of industrial ecology, to create hinterland to promote the development of industrial clusters.

Resident Engineering

Huaqing Residence Holdings Co., Ltd. to "along the way" along the national city of residential construction for the cut, the development of real estate, construction of residential, residential improvement. Building intelligent community, business complex and urban complex. Companies from planning, design, investment, construction and operation as one. To the domestic assembly of residential system construction technology as the basis, with new materials, new technology, new technology, to create in the "area along the way" along the country's urban construction "healthy residential, ecological residential" precedent.