Huatsing House Holding Co., Ltd. precisely positions the city development of the Belt and Road countries, coordinate with subject cities’ economists, plan and design experts and government  officials to make city economic development layout and design city planning at a top level, decide industry development direction, create industrial cluster, build new civilian houses, forge city complex and commercial complex, improve city infrastructure and municipal constructions, construct comprehensive ancillary facilities for city functions including roads, bridges, tunnels, rails, highways, rail traffic, airport facilities, underground pipeline corridor, ecological civilization construction, city security system and national information security system etc to build international satellite towns along the Belt and Road that combine industry with city, industry with research and industry with tourism. 

Industrial Cluster

Huatsing House Holding Co., Ltd. makes industry development layout for countries along the Belt and Road as follows: improve and upgrade local industries including power stations, refineries, natural gas and chemical factories etc basing on local natural plant and ecological resources and environmental and ecological advantages; create new industries such as modern agricultural industries, new construction material industries, new material, intelligent manufacturing industries, equipment manufacturing industries, informationized industries, national security system construction etc; create new industry patterns, e.g. new types of retail, new types of commerce, new modes of service etc.  Thus an industrial ecological circle with upstream, midstream and downstream linked one another is forged to facilitate the construction of industrial clusters that can drive hinterland development. 

Civilian residence projects

Huatsing House Holding Co., Ltd. starts business from civilian residence projects in the cities along the Belt and Road, developing real estate, building dwellings, and improving people’s residence. We construct intelligent communities, commercial complexes and city complexes, for which the plan, design, investment, construction and operation are all done by us. Taking the advantages of China’s prefabricated building technology and using new materials, new crafts and new technologies, the company is the first to build healthy housing and ecological housing along the Belt and Road.