Li keqiang: minus

2017-08-28 15:03|Browse:114Times

Core tip: "subtract" comes from the concept of "Jane", but it highlights the implementation path. The "cut" is the government's "cheese".

There is a need for a lasting addition to the "rich" and "strong state", but the method often needs to start with subtraction. This is also why this government has "lost" the word.

Li became prime minister first press conference to answer the first question, he begins to clarify stance: now the various departments of the state council administrative examination and approval matters and more than 1700, the government decided to cut more than a third. On behalf of his government, he hereby solemnly proposes "three chapters" : one is that the government will not be allowed to create new buildings; Second, the financial support staff will only reduce or decrease; Third, the public fee reception, the public expenses go abroad, the public money purchase car only reduces.

The logic of this subtraction is clear: when the growth of fiscal revenue is slowing and people's spending on the economy is rising, it will need to cut government spending first. "To get people to live a good life, the government will have to live close to the day," he said. The government's policy has been marked by a reduction in government power. "Minus" also became one of the most frequent words mentioned by li keqiang.

"Minus" comes from the concept of "Jane", but it highlights the implementation path. The "cut" is the government's "cheese".

This is a process that is accelerating in practice. The goal of cutting a third of the administrative approval in five years is to be completed in two years, and the prime minister will say what he says and do what he says. Li keqiang went on to ask for new requirements: continue to reduce the number of administrative approvals, continue to reduce the certification of professional qualifications, continue to reduce red top intermediaries, and continue to reduce illegal and unreasonable fees. Push the "three CARDS in one, one by one", simplify the business procedures and reduce the economic burden of the masses. Since 2014, the state council has cancelled 272 professional qualification licenses and accreditation items in five batches, reducing the total amount by nearly half.

The subtraction even has a commitment to zero: in May 2015, the state council decided to mark the concept of "non-administrative license approval" and completely withdraw from the historical stage.

The "subtraction" of government power is directly in exchange for the "multiplication" of market vitality. For nearly two years, the new registered businesses have been around 12,000 people a day.

The other big move is to cut taxes and lower fees, especially for small and micro businesses, and for agriculture and rural areas. Mr. Li made it clear that this is a positive fiscal policy in itself. "It is not just increasing the deficit and making big projects that is a positive fiscal policy," he said. We give tax reduction to the enterprise, also be positive fiscal policy!"

In 2015, the government reduced tax exemption by more than 300 billion yuan for various market entities. Through the reform of the business system, the number of new registered enterprises has been growing, which not only makes them "sheng", but also makes them "live" more. The tax cuts, especially for the nascent microbusinesses, are like "timely rain". Government that subtraction, is doomed to be acquired at the cost of market main body addition, its positive significance in performance, although the government may temporarily reduce revenue, but help enterprises through many difficulties, the long run, the tax sources also self-restraint.

"Minus" is not a quick fix, but a new idea. It is also embodied in every other detail. According to the members of the government's work report, premier li keqiang once drafted a request for the report to highlight a point: "don't write if you can't do it."

The concept of "subtraction" is everywhere: especially in the most important government work report.