Xi jinping puts forward new standards for reform and evaluation

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Reform should not only have top-level design, but also have evaluation criteria. Without a scientific evaluation standard, reform would be difficult to advance. Held in February 23 comprehensively deepen reform leading group 21 times in the middle of the meeting, xi jinping, put forward the reform of new standard evaluation: "whether to promote economic and social development, whether the people to bring real sense, as the evaluation standard of reform."

One, "two whether" evaluation criterion adds new connotation to reform theory

The concrete measures and achievements of China's reform and opening-up are judged by what standard. It is not only a major theoretical issue in China's reform process, but also a major practical problem. Without a scientific standard of judgment, the reform of our country could be biased and even have direction problems. Deng xiaoping proposed "three favorable" thoughts in the early stage of China's reform, which provided the criterion of marxist judgment for China's reform and evaluation. Today, the party central committee, with xi jinping as general secretary, has put forward a new standard for the "two will", and the new development of the reform efficiency evaluation standard has been realized.

The two new standards are in line with the idea of "three benefits". Deng xiaoping put forward the evaluation standard of reform in China. On January 12, 1983, with the state development planning commission, the state economic commission and to talk by the head of the department of agriculture said: "in a word, the work is to help building socialism with Chinese characteristics, is to help the people rich happiness, whether to help countries to thrive, as a measure of right or wrong." Conversation, points out that deng xiaoping in 1992 southern judgment standard of the benefits of China's reform and opening up "should be mainly to see if is advantageous to the development of socialist productive forces, is conducive to enhance the comprehensive national strength of socialist countries, whether to improve people's standard of living". This "three benefit" statement was later written into the party's fourteenth report and the party constitution, which became the guiding ideology of the whole party. The third plenary session of the 18 established comprehensively deepen reform blueprint, xi jinping, the main leading cadres at the provincial or ministerial level study and implement the third plenary session of the 18 spirit, comprehensively deepen reform project seminar said: "good for the cause of the party and the people, the benefit of the masses, to realize peace and stability of the party and the country prosperous, healthy, the change will be firm." Furthermore, xi jinping, proposed "whether to promote economic and social development, whether to bring real get sense to the people" thought, and deng xiaoping's reform is consistent thought of "three favorables", embodies the theory of innovation and reform of China's reform process of inner continuity and consistency.

The evaluation criterion of "two is whether" is to adapt to comprehensively deepening reform new situation and new normal of economic development, new thinking, is a new understanding of China's reform practice. The main problems faced by different periods in China's reform process are different, and the development priorities are different, and the evaluation criteria must be updated with The Times and constantly give new connotation. In the early 1990 s, the world socialism at a low ebb, deng xiaoping put forward the "three benefits" standard, to summon up courage to break through all the barriers in the development of our country, the deepening reform is undoubtedly a powerful propellant. After the third plenary session of the 18th CPC central committee, China has entered a new era of comprehensively deepening reform, both the depth of reform and the difficulty of reform. Whether the "two" standard is put forward, correctly grasp the characteristics of the new normal, to clear the purpose of comprehensively deepen reform, firm the confidence of the party and the people of the whole country, to ensure that the correct reform direction is of great significance. Productivity standards are the highest standards of social progress, and standards in all aspects of society and areas must be reflected and served. The direction of reform will be clearer around the development of productive forces and the deployment of reforms around the promotion of economic and social development. "The fundamental task of socialism is to liberate and develop the productive forces," xi said. In comprehensively deepen reform, we should insist on development is still the key to solve the problem of our country all the major strategic judgment, the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better give play to the role of government, promote the continuous development of social productivity, promote the implementation content is unceasingly rich and the unity of man's all-round development." The reform needs to adhere to a baseline, which is to make every effort to improve the living standards of the people and let all the people share the fruits of reform and development. The third plenary session of the 18th CPC central committee stressed that the reform should be comprehensively deepened to "promote social equity and justice and promote the well-being of the people as the starting point and the foothold". This indicates that the ultimate aim of comprehensively deepening reform is to enhance the people's character of reform and give the people a tangible sense of gain. "The people are the makers of history," xi said. To adhere to the good implementation, safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of the masses as the starting point and foothold of reform, to make the development more fair benefit all the people, the only way to reform can go a long way."