Interpretation of xi jinping's economic work: open development.

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Vision since the eighteenth congress, xi jinping, general secretary, is suggested in the global, thoughtful, puts forward the new ideas, new governing idea, the new strategy, and starting from the stage characteristics of China's economic development, formed has important guidance and forward-looking, targeted economic work series is discussed. Two sessions on the eve of the People's Daily reporter, through the interpretation at the grass-roots level, expert interview, Internet connection, such as form, written and published 8 depth report, fully reflect the country cadres comprehensive study to grasp of the masses, the implementation of the jinping economic work series of thinking and practice, for our country to build a well-off society in an all-round way of the runoff stage, take the initiative to have a good decision, and win the year start to red.

On the basis of profound insight into the domestic and foreign environment, 18 the fifth plenary session put forward, further open still wider to the outside world, promoting the level of the open economy, the introduction of advanced elements by expanding opening to the outside world, further make good use of international resources and international market, cultivate new international economic cooperation and competition advantage, promote economic and social sustainable and healthy development.

A good game is a good game.

This is a first move. It's on the corner of a historic change relations between China and the world, in the face of the human society is undergoing complicated and profound changes, conform to the trend of the world economy and the domestic development reality, China solemnly declared that the reform not pause, open the door to never shut.

The "One Belt And One Road" initiative, aiib, free trade zone construction, etc., a series of complete supporting strategic initiatives and layouts, have raised the opening up to a new level.

"China will carry out the innovation, the coordination, the development of green, open, sharing ideas, continue to deepen the reform comprehensively, adhere to the open development, complying with the trend of China's economic depth into the world economy, to pursue the win-win strategy of opening up and development of a higher level of the open economy." On November 2, 2015, xi jinping met with the us representative of China and the United States, including kissinger and other senior officials.

Vision since the 18th, xi jinping, general secretary, situation, based on the international domestic two overall situation, to plan as a whole two kinds of resources, to promote a new round of higher level and opening up, promote development with an open, in the developing constantly open up, positive power take-off of the Chinese nation, promoting national keeping abreast.