Austrian media: China's first military exercise in Africa

2017-11-02 11:29|Browse:195Times

The Chinese Marine corps has held military exercises in the extreme heat of djibouti, the newspaper reported today.
This is the first military exercise of the Chinese military in Africa.
It said the People's Republic opened its first strategic base in Africa in August.
In this small country, the Chinese now set up military bases close to the americans, the French, the italians and the Japanese.
The drills, which were held at the end of September, included tanks, light reconnaissance vehicles, flak, sniper rifles and anti-tank missiles, the report said.
According to the records, djibouti, although only 800,000 residents, is economically backward, but it is in the red sea. Strategic location is very important.
Djibouti has the largest military base in Africa and the largest military base in the country.
Japan's self-defense forces and the people's liberation army have also established military bases there.
According to the south China morning post, China now has about 10,000 troops in djibouti, and China plans to stay in the country until 2026.
And France international radio reports that the United States has more than 600 military bases around the world and France has more than 10.