We will vigorously develop and share the economy with "mass entrepreneurship and innovation".

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1. Deep understanding of the characteristics of sharing economic development

So-called sharing economy, also called Shared economic or collaborative consumption, is a combination of the people share with material on the basis of social and economic ecosystem, including the different between people or organizations of production, products, distribution channels, in the trade or consumption of goods and services in the process of sharing.

Share in the real economic and social conditions, economic often depends on the Internet and Internet of things technology becoming mature, and be sure to provide all kinds of valuable resources real-time distributed in every corner of the globe need, realize "can be used without possession", namely, resource sharing, use them.

2. "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is an important driving force for the sharing of economic development

Push "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation" (hereinafter referred to as the "double gen"), fully inspired millions of people in the new period is the wisdom and creativity of major reform measures, is the important way to realize country strong and the people rich.
In order to adapt to and lead the new normal economic development, must take the "double gen" as the source of power for the development of the meter, powers, the way of enriching people, fair, comprehensive deployment, continuous progress, must resolutely eliminate various bondage and shackles, entrepreneurial innovation become the trend of The Times, economic and social development of powerful new kinetic energy.

3. in order to "double create" to promote the development of a number of economic initiatives.