China construction bank has contributed to the upgrading of New Zealand's economic and trade cooperation with China.

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In 2017, the One Belt And One Road initiative attracts global attention and continues to grow. According to the state information center "in" big data center statistics, the United States, India, Britain, Russia and Australia the most emphasis on your "area", Italy, Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan and Australia on heat increase significantly. "Area" in a symposium on development under the new economic opportunities and challenges, the guests in the economic environment of Australia on future trends, "area" all the way on the future of the global economy under the new environment and the development of Australia, Australian business opportunities such as topic has carried on the deep discussion.

New opportunities for china-australia cooperation.

The new opportunities brought by One Belt And One Road to the global economy continue to attract attention. In Australia, for example, China has become the seventh largest investor in Australia and the fifth largest outbound investment destination in Australia, with a total investment of over 80 billion Australian dollars in each other's market.

In the above seminar, phoenix TV commentators Zheng Hao reviewed since 1972 years Australia more than 45 years of diplomatic relations between the china-australia relations between the two countries, and puts forward "healthy smooth, grasp the overall situation, control crisis" of the three key words. For the Australian economy, Zheng Hao thinks, with the change of international environment, the desire for control region will continue to strengthen Australia, Australia will have chance to rise again, in the future, Australia's economy will present more optimistic development momentum.

"Area" of the institute of Beijing normal university Hu Biliang thinks, "One Belt And One Road" is the new "gripper" of China's economy is fully open, Australia to participate in the "area" initiative has a natural advantage, sino-australian cooperation will bring a lot of new investment opportunities. For example, the development of the service industry, the consumption field, and the opportunities of international production capacity cooperation have broad prospects for cooperation. Especially in the field of industry cooperation and financial cooperation, there are much more special joint growth, in the future, in the bank, foreign exchange, bond between the two countries, monetary policy and so on, have a broad space for development and cooperation.

Zheng Hao think, overall, both the Australian government and the people, the "region" are positive initiative, especially in the corporate world, has already begun to participate in the "area" all the way along the construction of the country, there are a lot of investment, there are many projects. This involvement is more or less a support for the One Belt And One Road initiative, and of course the most important beneficiaries are Australia.

Chinese companies should put integrity first.

In recent years, the One Belt And One Road initiative has made positive progress. In the context of the financial services, the state information center "in" big data center statistics, the total number of members of the investment Banks increased to 84, 42 countries along the for, more than 20 investment projects approved, a total of over $3.7 billion; The silk road fund has signed 17 projects, pledging to invest $7 billion and supporting projects with total investment of $80 billion. Six Chinese Banks have set up more than 80 branches, subsidiaries and representative offices in 19 countries.
As a private enterprise engaged in the financial industry in Australia, the honorary chairman of henda group and senior foreign exchange securities expert deng yuli have full confidence in Australia's investment opportunities. Founded in 2008, henda foreign exchange (Australia) co., LTD., headquartered in Sydney, Australia, has a lot of opportunities in the future, deng said. "The relationship between China and Australia is complementary," deng said. "it is also clear from the trend of the Australian dollar that if China released an economic data, it would be weaker than expected. For nearly a decade, the Australian dollar has traded at a minimum of $0.58, up from more than $1.1, and currently stands at $0.75. The Australian dollar is very close to China.

Under the great opportunity of "One Belt And One Road", deng xiaoping reminded the Chinese enterprises to go out, and should put good faith first. "Don't just look at your eyes. Look at the long term. Don't always go to the real estate, speculation, don't put the current interests first. "Global investment should be done in this way, integrating into local economies and maintaining long-term relationships with the local community so that we can achieve win-win results," deng said.

"One Belt And One Road" initiative for mutual benefit.

In recent years, the "area" all the way back and forth constantly Hu Biliang also said that the investigation of the country for the goods is Australia's largest trading partner, China investment relations between the two countries continue to strengthen, cultural cooperation cover travel, education and immigration, and other fields. However, Chinese enterprises invest in Australia, and the investment structure should be changed. We should not simply speculate in the stock market and fire the mines. We should carry out long-term cooperation in a mutually beneficial way.

In along with the state economic and trade exchanges, for example, the state information center "in" big data center data show that in the third quarter of 2017 years ago, our country of "area" all the way along the national import and export growth of 20.1%, along the 2893 national investment in China to set up new enterprises, up 34.4% from a year earlier, the actual investment of $4.24 billion; China has signed various investment and trade agreements with 58 countries. The simplification rate of "single window" is 59%. Hu said that at the international level, cooperation on production capacity should be carried out in which countries need to build factories and achieve win-win cooperation.

The expert thinks, "all the way along the" provides a new mode of international cooperation, to global governance, especially economic governance provides a new supply, its biggest charm lies in the fact that the tall some fate community, the community of interests, the responsibility on the community for pragmatic cooperation. Under the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, advanced manufacturing, high-quality service industries and financial sectors are all expected to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.