Our company has signed a cooperation agreement with the national construction and planning commission of Indonesia

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On September 18, 2017 HuaQing anju holdings co., LTD., chairman of the delegation, led by Mr Chun-yu zhu after held in Beijing on May 14th after all international peak BBS "area", was invited to the national construction planning commission for the Indonesian capital Jakarta department building, after the talks, the two sides signed the relevant countries of budget funds (destined) cooperation agreement.Content includes;Police headquarters in Indonesia national construction, army officers and soldiers, teachers' staff, diplomats, state enterprises and employees, the bank clerk, government officials and ordinary people, the rigid demand of housing 18 million sets of each type.And the highway, fire power plant and other projects.Huashan anju holdings co., LTD., a joint venture company with the national construction and planning commission of Indonesia, has a top-level design, high-end planning and integrated operation of the above projects.Hua qing anju holding co., LTD. Will play its own unique advantages and become a bridgehead for the reform and opening up of southeast Asia and economic development.The leading army of innovation and development of the maritime silk road, offering wisdom, dedication and resources.We should make full use of the two markets, the resources of the two countries, the integration and development of multinational capital, and create a better future for the Indonesian nation.