Our company signed a cooperation agreement with Indonesian Dewan Perantjang Nasional.

2017-09-21 14:26|Browse:123Times

After being invited on May 14 in Beijing during the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, on September 18, 2017, the delegation headed by the President of Huatsing House Holding Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhu Chunyu was invited again to the office building of Dewan Perantjang Nasional in Jakarta, during which, after bilateral negotiation the parties signed the LOI about PINA saying to carry out comprehensive cooperation in building various types of residential buildings of 180 million apartments for Chief of Indonesian Police, army, teachers, diplomatic officials, state-owned companies’ employees and public services employees, bank staff, public servants, and ordinary people and high speed way, thermal power plant etc. Huatsing House Holding Co., Ltd. and Dewan Perantjang Nasional will form a joint venture, which will design at top level, plan at high end and operate in an all-round way the above-mentioned projects. Huatsing House Holding Co., Ltd. will give play to its special advantages providing knowledge, strategy and resources toIndonesiafor it to become the bridgehead of Southeast Asia reform, opening and economic development along the Belt and Road and fully utilizing two markets, two countries’ resources and international capital to build a bright future forIndonesia.