being invited by the Western Australia government

2018-12-18 15:10|Browse:132Times

On December 16, 2018, being invited by the Western Australia government, the top management of Huatsing Housing Holdings arrived at Western Australia to conduct a profound exchange of views with Chair of RDA-SW(Regional Development Australia--South West) Mr. Duncan Anderson and Ministers on new city development in the south west of Banbury. The Chairman of Huatsing Housing Holdings Mr. Zhu Chunyu suggested that Banbury should be planned and constructed as a smart city, which ought to be integrated with the development of feature tourism in the ports and along the seaside to highlight the harmony between natural landscape and human landscape and the characteristics of both the modern science-tech and future science-tech thus enabling tourists to feel the miracles of the Nature and the infinity of the universe while touring. The meeting was held enthusiastically and both parties made a decision to sign a cooperation agreement on city development on another day.