New Year Greetings

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New Year Greetings

How time flies and a new year is knocking at your door. At such a moment of welcoming new and seeing off the old, I, on behalf of Huatsing Housing Holding Co., Ltd. thank all the colleagues and their families for their strong support, help and understanding to the company.  Thanks to all partners from political and commercial fields and their families for trust and support.  When the Spring Festival is coming, we give greetings to all relatives, all leaders, all friends and all comrades who have been concerned with Huatsing development and wish you smooth work, good health, happy family and good luck.

The past year is the beginning year for the country to comprehensively implement the 19th Congress spirit, the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up and the key year for building a comprehensive wealthy society and the transitional year for implementing the 13th five-year plan. For our company, it is an important year to comprehensively consider, draw experiences, and innovate thoughts and modes about the comprehensive operation of the Belt and Road countries.

In the past year, against the background of adjustment of international economic situation, we encountered new bottleneck, barriers and challenges but people from Huatsing Housing could smartly thought of way-out, face problems intelligently, combine and integrate the talents along the Belt and Road to continuously create new achievements and miracles.In the past year, all staff continuously tried their best to forge ahead without stop, especially to make great achievements in South East Asia along the Belt and Road, which was a milestone in company development.

Colleagues and friends,

we are ready for braving ahead. We will continue to use new thoughts and new modes to solidly implement each project and solve each issue along the Belt and Road; we will start all our overseas companies, fully utilize our network and group advantage to facilitate capital communication, financial communication, industrial exchange and resource interconnectivity and to create ecological cluster recycling economic circle, new born economies, new financial service system and to construct intelligent alliance to more precisely serve and position the Belt and countries and carry out measures.

In 2019, simplification and consumption reduction will be our main aim and high efficiency will be our evaluation criteria. The horn for a new march is blowing and new opportunities and new challenges are waiting for us. Win at the turning point and start from innovation. In the New Year, we will have a good beginning and turn over a new leaf. Huatsing Housing people forever remember the encouragement, support and help given by various parties and keep onto the tone of progressing steadily and brave ahead to create new situation of the company.

The old year has passed with achievements and a new one is awaiting more progress. Let us cherish a struggling heart for continuous progress and let us together hug more achievements and progress to create a better future. We believe we will have a brighter year. Finally, wish our business flourish and more glory!Wish everyone good health and a happy Spring Festival and happy and harmonious family!

Huatsing Housing Holding Co., Ltd.

February 1, 2019