To study and implement the important speech spirit of comrad

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"Comprehensive" four strategies put forward soon, 20 times of the political bureau of the central collective learning arrangement dialectical materialism, jinping comrades in combination with the reality of our country and time conditions on the elaborated profoundly. Previously, when the political bureau of the central committee studied historical materialism in the tenth group study, comrade xi jinping elaborated on how to understand comprehensively deepening the reform law. Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), the political bureau of the central committee has studied the philosophy of the study twice, which is related to "four comprehensives", which is of great consideration. Only through the fundamental study of the marxist worldview and methodology, we can understand the four comprehensives more deeply and carry out more forcefully.

Comrade xi jinping stressed that our party wants to be coordinated together to lead the people to promote to build a well-off society in an all-round way, comprehensively deepen reform and the rule of law, the overall governing party, realize the "two" one hundred goals, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream, must constantly accept marxist philosophy wisdom nourish, more consciously adhere to and using the dialectical materialism world outlook and methodology, strengthen dialectical thinking, strategic thinking ability. He also pointed out that the arrangement of these two learning, the purpose is to promote the marxist philosophy we have a more comprehensive, more complete understanding, in an effort to improve the ability to solve the problem of our country reform and development of basic. This provides a powerful guide to our philosophical understanding of the four comprehensives.

We must insist that everything should be based on objective reality and grasp the new characteristics of new changes. It is the basic principle of dialectical materialism that the world is unified in matter and material is primary. This requires us to insist on the practical departure of the objective world. The basic national conditions of the primary stage of socialism are the biggest realities that we face. We should stick to this judgment and concentrate on building and developing. The strategic goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is directly reflected in this requirement. The other three "comprehensive" measures are based on this one of the biggest practical and practical measures to ensure the realization of this goal. At the same time should see, after 30 years of reform and opening up, great changes the connotation of China's basic national conditions, to make better accord with the objective world, the subjective world, it must accurately grasp the new change characteristics of the current development. This is also an objective reality that needs to be faced. The "four comprehensives" are based on these two objective realities and adapt to the reality of China's development. Clear "comprehensive" the general requirements of "coordination", emphasize "built" deepening "in accordance with the law," "" "strictly ", put forward the economic development of the new normal, modernize the national management system and management ability, etc., have had the obvious feature of the problem today and work requirements. The characteristics of today's problems determine the characteristics of today's theory.

The dialectical relationship between material and spirit, social existence and social consciousness must be correctly understood. Material determines spirit, social existence determines social consciousness. Comrade xi jinping pointed out: "our party has put forward and implement the theory and current route policy, is right, because they are based on existing in our present-day society." "Four comprehensives" is based on this basic principle. At the same time, the spirit is counter-productive to the social existence of material and social consciousness, and the reaction is sometimes very large. This requires the guiding role of theory in the study of understanding and coordination of the four comprehensives. We come up with the Chinese dream, which is to build up strong spiritual strength. In to build a xiaokang society attaches great importance to the construction of socialist core values, emphasizing in comprehensively deepen reform, adhere to the socialist direction in comprehensive law uphold the rule of law of socialism with Chinese characteristics theory as a guide, pay attention to ideological construction, in the comprehensive governing party firm ideal faith, are emphasized this kind of reaction.

We must stick to the problem orientation, face up to contradictions and resolve conflicts in a timely manner. The problem is contradiction, which is the form of contradiction. Contradictions are ubiquitous, universal and objective. Therefore, contradictions must be acknowledged and contradictions cannot be ignored. According to the law of contradiction, the contradiction will develop and change, and if not solved in time, it will accumulate and accumulate into mountains, which will then change its nature, irreconcilable and precipitate. The "four comprehensives" are the outstanding contradictions and problems in the present stage. It gives us a clearer understanding of the problem and a clearer focus on resolving conflicts. This fully reflects the strong problem consciousness of the CPC central committee and the spirit of not avoiding contradictions and taking responsibility.

We must insist on the whole point of view, and grasp the key point, and make the unification of two point theory and the repoint theory. Since the contradiction is universal, we should have a holistic view of all contradictions and have a thorough understanding of them. However, the development of contradiction is unbalanced, so it is necessary to grasp the main contradictions and contradictions in the solution of the contradiction and solve the problems in order of priority. "Four comprehensives" is exactly that. In the first place, we should focus on the overall situation, through thorough practice and in-depth investigation and research, all situations are well understood, and then we can solve the most critical and urgent problems. Every "comprehensive" is the same, taking care of the relationship between the overall plan and the "tattling nose". The key is to deal with the relationship between the government and the market. "Four comprehensives" covers all the contradictions and problems, and focuses on the key points, and each of them catches the point.

We must adhere to the fundamental method of materialistic dialectics and oppose metaphysics. The method of materialistic dialectics is the method of developing, comprehensive, systematic and universal relation, which requires the correct understanding of the relationship between local and global, current and long-term, key and non-emphases. The metaphysical method, by contrast, is static, one-sided, piecemeal and isolated. "Four" is consciously use of materialist dialectics, is facing the complicated contradictions and interest relationship among very carefully to the most good strategic thinking and strategic choice. It is a system engineering, it is the unified whole organic connection, by a strategic target and three big strategic move, emphasis on four aspects supplement each other, promote each other, complement each other, emphasis on each of the "comprehensive" systematic, integrated and collaborative. The marked characteristics, demands that we in the process of implementation of master the scientific method of materialist dialectics, pay attention to the investigation and study, to strengthen the top-level design and touch stone across the river, the whole advancement and breakthroughs made in key areas to promote, principle of work, systemic, predictive and creative.

Must adhere to the productivity standard, comprehensively and accurately understand, correctly use the productivity standard. The standard of productivity is a fundamental measure of social development. The fundamental task of socialism is to liberate and develop the productive forces. Sticking to economic development is the key to solving all the problems in our country, and we can never waver in this regard. "Four comprehensive" follow the basic principle of productivity standard, emphasize to grasp the main aspects of our country present stage social basic contradiction, tightly around the development of the first priority to deploy all aspects of work. At the same time, there is a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the productivity standard, which cannot be put aside from the production relations, the superstructure and the absolute understanding of the productivity standard. Productivity and production relations, economic basis and superstructure is the relationship between action and reaction, between them is not a simple decision and single-strand by the logic of decision, it is the bidirectional interaction of dialectical development process. We put forward a series of "two-handed grasping", which is the principle of "building material civilization and building spiritual civilization in one hand". The development of productivity will be successful only if both hands are hard and both hands are hard. This is an important experience since the reform and opening up. The principle of "four comprehensives" and "two handhold" emphasize this point, and they consciously follow the dialectical relationship principle of social basic contradiction.

We must constantly adapt to the changes of basic social conflicts to promote social development and solve new problems that arise after development. Historical materialism believes that production relations and superstructure must adapt to the productive forces and economic foundation. Due to the constant development of the basic social contradictions, the adjustment of production relations and the improvement of superstructure should be carried out accordingly. By learning this basic principle, we can fully understand comrade xi jinping's point that "when reform is not completed, only when it is done". That is to say, in order to maintain the development of the social basic contradictions, strive to "keep adapting". "Four comprehensives" follow the law of basic contradiction in society, which requires a clear understanding and focus on solving the new problems that are constantly arising. More than 30 years of reform and opening-up, the rapid development of social productivity, the old get considerable questions to answer, but the new contradictions and problems highlighted, common people's concerns are different, after developed to solve the new problem. Today's development, reform, the rule of law and the building of the party are all very different from the past. For this, we need to be fully aware of this.

Must pay attention to the comprehensive requirement, can not single play one. In the social basic contradiction, not only should "adapt", but also a "comprehensive adaptation" question. Owing to the social basic contradiction is productivity and production relations, economic base and superstructure constitute to both contradiction, therefore, should not only pay attention to solve the problem of good production relations does not adapt to productivity, also don't pay attention to the solution of the superstructure to adapt to the problems of the economic foundation, so as to have a comprehensive effect, promote coordinated and healthy development of the society. It is of great significance to emphasize this point. To solve today's contradictions and problems, it is difficult to work only from a single domain and a single level. Xi jinping comrades compared comprehensively deepen reform and comprehensive law to "two wings of the bird" "two of the car," is to say, only the adjustment of the production relations and superstructure, comprehensively promote the improvement of the common, to guarantee the goal to build a well-off society in an all-round implementation on schedule.

We must adhere to the mass view of marxism and the mass line of the party. The masses are the creators of history. Following this basic principle, our party is committed to serving the people wholeheartedly as the fundamental purpose and taking the mass line as the party's fundamental line of work. The proposal of "four comprehensives" reflects the strong desire of the people, and every "comprehensive" starting point and foothold is for the people. To build a well-off society in an all-round way with an eye to the people hope for a better life, realize person's full scale development, comprehensively deepen reform is to arouse the enthusiasm of the masses of the people, let the achievements in the development of more fair benefit all the people, fully the rule of law is to promote social fairness and justice, safeguard people's basic rights and interests of comprehensive governing party is to always maintain the flesh-and-blood relation between the party and the masses of the people, be quickens, ruling for the people. The "four comprehensives" epitomizes the ruling philosophy, thought relationship and value pursuit of the Chinese communist party. So in coordination to promote "comprehensive" four strategic layout in the process, must always adhere to the fundation of marxism, adhere to the party's mass line, therefore rely firmly on the people and learn from people's wisdom, and strength.

We must adhere to the unity of understanding and practice and actively promote theoretical innovation. Practice first, practice determines knowledge, and cognition is counterproductive to practice. Our party attaches great importance to theoretical work and emphasizes that theory originates from practice and must be unified with practice and tested by practice. Emphasis on theoretical confidence and the guiding role of theory in practice; It emphasizes the positive interaction between theoretical innovation and practice innovation, and constantly advances theoretical innovation based on practice. Comrade xi jinping called for "developing marxism in China in the 21st century" and put forward new tasks for party's theoretical innovation. "Four comprehensive" correct understanding concluded from practice, is our party on the basis of the practice innovation actively to the product of theoretical innovation, make our understanding of the rule of socialism with Chinese characteristics to a new height, will play a huge role in guiding the practice. Now, we have become more and more clear about the laws of socialism with Chinese characteristics, so we have more and more confidence in practice. We will continue to move forward in this direction, constantly forming new knowledge, opening new horizons and opening up new situations. Comrade xi jinping pointed out: "well implement build a well-off society in an all-round way, deepening reform and overall strategic layout of the rule of law, comprehensive governing party requires all party members to keep pace with The Times, progressive state of mind, constantly promote the innovation in practice and theory innovation, continue to write a new chapter for the sinicization of marxism, age."

Philosophy is especially important when it comes to major historical moments. We are standing at a new historical starting point, making great struggles with many new historical features. "Four" comprehensive strategic layout, upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics is the central party committee from the global view, focuses on realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream and formed, highly from the philosophy of design thinking, on the whole, our party in the new historical conditions of governing strategy shows very clear, very clear. To coordinate and promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, we should first learn marxist philosophy and master scientific worldview and methodology. In this regard, comrade xi jinping has set an example for us. His series of important speeches is full of philosophical wisdom, which reflects the self-conscious application of the marxist standpoint method. All party members, especially leading cadres at all levels must be closely followed, thoroughly study and apply in jinping comrades in a series of important speech spirit, used his knowledge of philosophy, philosophy is an important task, more consciously and more effectively coordinate advances the strategy of "four comprehensive" layout.