Land expropriation compensation should be dynamic standard

2017-08-18 10:49|Browse:163Times

Premier wen jiabao at this year's government work report clearly put forward: the right to the contracted management of land, the land, the collective income distribution are the property of law gives farmers rights, anyone can't infringe. Deputy to the National People's Congress, the ombudsman Zhang Binggong Suggestions in shenyang office, audit in the process of land expropriation, land location should be considered, the social economic development level, the comprehensive factors such as per capita income level, the dynamic character region of integrated land price, the legal standard for land expropriation compensation. The representative of zhang binggong said that China's land management law currently stipulates that land expropriation should be compensated according to the original purpose of land expropriation. The compensation fees for land collection include land compensation fees, resettlement fees and compensation for the above-ground fixtures and green shoots. The land compensation fee for farmland shall be six to ten times the average annual output value of the preceding three years for the cultivated land. The resettlement allowance for cultivated land shall be calculated according to the number of agricultural population to be resettled; The number of agricultural population that needs to be resettled shall be calculated according to the amount of cultivated land, divided by the number of cultivated land