The Oriental economy BBS has signed a number of cooperation project contracts with Russia

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On September 3-5, 2015, the agenda of the three-day eastern economic BBS was compact and rich, and full of joy and joy! Saha's President of the republic of cordial reception of the asia-pacific countries representatives of business enterprise, the first deputy secretary of the President of the Russian government representative economy minister pointed out that the russians are vigorously promoting leapfrog development zones and far east Vladivostok free port construction projects, the future will launch a variety of preferential policies and my company to establish long-term cooperation, cordial talks at the meeting and signed the relevant project cooperation agreement.
Huanqing anju holdings co., LTD. Has signed a joint development agreement with saha republic of saha gold holdings LTD., the largest gold and tin mining joint venture. A joint venture with the government of the republic of sakha (yakutia) is the world's largest gem mining and fine processing. The largest oil refinery in the southern yakuta region has been signed with the largest tuimada oil company in the republic of saha. HuaQing anju holding m&a figure according to Martha oil company's existing namhyar Kurt oil companies, and set up a joint venture to other oil exploration and drilling of the plates, and Louis saha (yakutia) within the territory of the republic of oil and oil and gas cooperation in all directions. It has signed 32 airport infrastructure construction and aircraft financing leasing businesses with the largest yakkuk airlines in the republic of yakot. With Louis saha kursk city construction engineering company, 2002 of the republic of kursk city high-tech industrial park and other companies signed a cooperation agreement with HuaQing holdings co., LTD. Is a joint venture. It also signed a comprehensive financial services cooperation agreement with the largest commercial bank of the republic of saha, armazzo bank.