The CBRC will implement the One Belt And One Road strategy from four aspects.

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On June 22nd, in qinghai "neighbourhood" financial development on the BBS, the China banking regulatory commission, said dean Fan Wenzhong from four aspects: continue to implement the national strategy of "area", boost the banking financial institutions to further expand areas of cooperation, improve the level of financial services.
Fan Wenzhong said, one is the active support of Chinese banking institutions in the layout "neighbourhood" all the way along the route optimization mechanism, to encourage the Chinese and foreign banking financial institutions to strengthen cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win progress, promote each other and with Chinese banking financial institutions to strengthen cooperation between Chinese enterprises, complementary advantages, mix in terms of "area" construction.
At the same time, China also welcomes the countries along the routes that meet the conditions and banking and financial institutions to set up branches in China.
The second is to actively support and promote Chinese banking financial institutions to strengthen the construction of "area" project financing, guide banking financial institutions based on its positioning, under the precondition of risk control and compliance innovation credit products, rich financial services, strengthen the pragmatic cooperation between the Chinese and foreign financial institutions, using the syndicated loan, and other cooperation way, for the "area" major projects to provide effective high-quality financial services, encourages the banking financial institutions to explore use of domestic and overseas capital market to broaden the financing channels, to further reduce the cost of long-term financing.
Three is actively expand and deepen the cross-border supervision of the cooperation of countries along the "area", promote cooperation with have not been established along the regulatory mechanism of countries to sign bilateral regulatory cooperation memorandum of understanding to establish effective bilateral regulation cooperation mechanism, expand the scope of information sharing, strengthen the daily supervision of cross-border communication and coordination, to create a good external environment for Chinese Banks to go out.
Finally, Fan Wenzhong puts forward, the China banking regulatory commission to guide banking actively promote "neighbourhood" all the way to prevent the risks in the financial service layout, proceed from commercial interest principle in project selection, and strengthen risk control tool application, actively tracking on regional regulatory changes, guide the banking inspection authorities to strengthen including anti-money laundering and IT systems such as the system construction, to ensure business compliance in accordance with the law to the steady operation.
We will continue to strengthen national risk management, incorporate the country risks into comprehensive risk analysis reports, strengthen emergency response mechanisms, and improve the ability to respond to country risk emergencies.