"One Belt And One Road" accelerates the technology export of financial technology to countries along the route

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Under the "One Belt And One Road" policy, opportunities for talent, platforms, technology and projects are emerging.
Technology companies in alibaba, tencent, big companies such as huawei, as the forerunner, the domestic emerging technology companies is to meet all the way "area" dongfeng, accelerated sea science and technology, infuse new power for all countries to develop their innovation.
In September 2013, One Belt And One Road was first proposed.
For more than three years, the world more than 100 countries and organizations to participate in, nearly 40 countries signing the "build a cooperation agreement with China, the international cooperation capacity expansion to nearly 30 countries, Chinese enterprises to invest in countries along the" area "all the way up to more than $500...
Fruitful results.
And the tech industry is welcoming a wave of countries along the lines of smart technology.
Ant financial is one of them.
Since 2016, the ant gold with Thailand pay enterprise Ascend Money finance company Mynt, Indonesia, the Philippines, the largest number of Emtek group have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, copies the ant gold clothing science and technology financial technology to southeast Asian countries.
On October 12, the domestic intelligent financial services group PINTEC group announced financial technology company was established in Singapore in the PIVOT, using AI and machine learning techniques, such as the smart investment service export southeast Asia, let ordinary people can enjoy low price, convenient, intelligent wealth management services.
Ant gold CEO Peng Lei said; "One Belt And One Road" along the many countries, on the Internet technology, Internet infrastructure is still relatively weak, I hope I can use for reference the experience of the development of China.
"Every time I go to these countries, I feel that the people of these countries are genuinely welcoming to us."
The output of innovative technology has led countries along the belt and road to jump into the mobile Internet and mobile payment era, driving the development of the financial technology of the countries along the belt and road.

Source: Chinese network | author: wang donghai.