The One Belt And One Road business leadership seminar in Australia focuses on new opportunities for cooperation.

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Australia-china business leaders "all the way along the" seminar 1, held in Melbourne, Australia about 50 well-known enterprises and Chinese in Australia, Victoria, head of the government officials and scholars about the understanding of "area" construction and new opportunity of sino-australian cooperation.

Zhao jian, the consul general of China in Melbourne, said that this year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Australia, and that china-australia relations face new opportunities. Opportunities from rich Chinese pursuit of high quality life, from China comprehensively deepen reform, from the win-win strategy of opening up in China, from the Chinese market to further expand and develop.

Australia's former minister of trade and investment cooperation, Macao "One Belt And One Road" in the industry center director consultant Andrew rob said in a statement, the world situation is undergoing profound changes and development in China and other Asian countries will bring positive influence. Infrastructure construction is the focus of "One Belt And One Road", while medical care, old-age care, education, tourism and other fields are also important, with great development potential and cooperation opportunities. The construction of One Belt And One Road will bring more cooperation options to Australian enterprises and help them enhance mutual trust and achieve common prosperity.

The Australian government to the internationalisation of the renminbi working committee chairman David olson said, is the internationalisation of the renminbi in the next decade the biggest driver of the international financial system reform, will also help "area" all the way of financing, along with the advancement of "area" construction, there will be more and more projects settled in renminbi, Australia should be prepared for this.

KPMG's agriculture industry, says Robert Poole, director of the national Australian fresh food industry in China has a huge opportunity, and all the way "area" construction can help Australia's food exports to China, such as promoting Australia's domestic airport, road and other construction and upgrade, so as to enhance their ability to export.

Victoria state of Australia government China affairs commissioner, Jason fitzpatrick said, "all the way along the" construction is focused on the comprehensive development, the Australian "area" construction should be further investigated for Australia in infrastructure, transportation, service, finance and other fields, the opportunities.

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