Prime minister of Singapore Chen zhensheng talks about the impact of One Belt And One Road!

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According to Singapore's straits times, united morning post, 8 channel news reports, Singapore prime minister's office minister jin-sen Chen in January 24, 2018 at 4 PM, in davos, Switzerland's 48th annual world economic BBS, talked about the influence of the area along the initiative.

In the area of influence "in the BBS, jin-sen Chen minister says Singapore welcome area along the initiative, think that this initiative will bring the short, medium and long term positive influence, including make the trade more convenient, catalytic local economic development, strengthening ties with China, and so on. He said that Singapore was happy to be part of the One Belt And One Road initiative in China and to demonstrate Singapore's participation in the international project with a set of Numbers "3385".

Chen pointed out that "33" is China's investment in Singapore accounting for 33% of China's total investment in One Belt And One Road. "85" is 85 percent of Singapore's investment in China. One Belt And One Road will provide huge business opportunities for China and Singapore. Chen also talked about the need to get to know the local market. For example, he said Singapore is involved in several large-scale projects in China, and from the suzhou industrial park in the 1990 s to the recent bilateral strategic connectivity (chongqing) demonstration project, at each stage has different demand in China, so the Singapore also wants to follow China's development pace and change, to give it the required.

Jin-sen Chen also mentioned that involved in construction projects in other countries, must bring real benefits for the local economy, after the test when foreign partners left, if the local community can continue to develop.

He believes this is an important historic moment for China because as it grows stronger, it is an opportunity to help other economies grow. He points out that China has a saying that "it is for the virtuous" that China must persuade the world that it is helping the world to build a better system.

Participating in the BBS include the prime minister of Pakistan, Brazil's prime minister, jin liqun, President of the Asian infrastructure investment bank. In addition to Chen zhensheng, Singapore's deputy prime minister and minister of economic and social policy, shanghan shanghan, who represented Singapore at the world economy BBS.