National development bank

Established in 1994, the national development bank is a policy-based financial institution directly under the state council of China. In December 2008, it was changed to national development bank co. LTD. In March 2015, the state council identified CDB as a developmental financial institution. CDB registered capital of 421.248 billion yuan, the shareholder is the People's Republic of China ministry of finance, the central huijin investment co., LTD., buttonwood platform co., LTD., and the national council for social security fund, holding 36.54%, 34.68%, 27.19% and 34.68% respectively.
CDB mainly serves the major and medium - and long-term development strategies of the national economy through its financial services such as medium - and long-term credit and investment. By the end of 2015, the total assets totaled 12.62 trillion yuan, with a loan balance of 9.21 trillion yuan. The accumulative yield recovery rate was 98.78%, which remained high for 16 years. Net profit was 1027.88 billion yuan, roa0.90%, ROE11.74 %, capital adequacy ratio 10.81%, and sustainable development capacity and anti-risk ability were further enhanced. Moody's, standard & poor's and other professional rating agencies have been in line with China's sovereign ratings for years.
CDB is the world's largest development financial institution, China's largest foreign investment and financing cooperative bank, medium - and long-term credit bank and bond bank. In 2015, fortune magazine ranked 87th out of the top 500 companies in the world.
CDB currently has 37 tier-one branches in mainland China and three secondary branch, with Hong Kong branch abroad and Cairo, Moscow, London, Rio DE janeiro, Caracas, vientiane and other six representative office. Nearly 9,000 employees. It owns subsidiaries of finance, China opening securities, bank of China leasing and china-africa fund.

China citic bank

CHINA CITIC BANK, formerly known as CITIC industrial BANK, was founded in 1987 and changed to its current name at the end of 2005. Citic bank is one of China's national commercial Banks, based in Beijing.

The main shareholder is China citic co. LTD. Spain's Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A BBVA, bought a 5 per cent stake in citic bank for 501 million euros (hk $5.02 billion) and has the option to increase its stake in citic bank to 10.07 percent. On April 27, 2007, citic bank listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. Citic bank is the seventh largest bank in China, with total assets of hk $120bn, with more than 16,000 employees and more than 540 branches. It is one of six Banks in Hong Kong's financial sector.

China minsheng bank

China minsheng bank co., LTD. (sse: 600016 hkex: 01988) is the first national commercial bank established by private capital in mainland China, which was established on January 12, 1996. Major shareholders include liu yonghao new hope group, zhang hongwei Oriental, zhi-qiang lu China holding group, sea yu-gui wang on behalf of the owner's mutual insurance association of China, China life insurance co., LTD, shi yuzhu, etc.

Minsheng bank A shares were listed on the Shanghai stock exchange on December 19, 2000. The H shares of minsheng bank were listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange on November 26, 2009.

Development fund

The china-africa Development Fund (China - Africa Development Fund) is President hu jintao in November 2006, the Beijing summit of china-africa BBS is one of the eight policy measures of the pragmatic cooperation, is to support Chinese enterprises to carry out the cooperation, to develop the African market and set up a special Fund. On June 26, 2007 officially opened the china-africa development fund, become the domestic first announced by the state President, set up of the leadership of the state council for the opening of fund, is currently the nation's largest private equity funds and the first dedicated to the investment of equity funds. The china-africa development fund was formally approved by the state council, and the first $1 billion was funded by the national development bank, which eventually reached us $5 billion.

China development finance assoc

THE CHINA ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF DEVELOPMENT finance (CAPDF) is an industry organization approved by THE ministry OF civil affairs to be registered in April 2013.

The central bank of Nigeria

Nigeria, the Central Bank, Central Bank of they were, CBN for short) was established on July 1, 1959, was in March 1958, according to the house of representatives passed the Nigerian Central Bank law (Central Bank of they were Act). The act was amended in 1991, 1993, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2007. The Nigerian central bank law "and in 1991 passed the Act of Banks and other Financial Institutions by repeated revision (later), Banks and other Financial Institutions Act) constitute the central banking operations in Nigeria and regulatory legal basis. According to the 2007 revision of the "the Nigerian central bank law" article 2, the central bank of Nigeria's main responsibility is to ensure that the inflation and prices are stable, issue legal tender, hold foreign exchange reserves to maintain exchange rate stability, promote the establishment of a sound financial system, do a good job in the government's bank and provide the economic and financial advice.

Export-Import bank

The export-import bank of China was established in 1994. It is a state bank directly under the state council and is wholly owned by the government. Its international credit rating is in line with the state's sovereign rating. China import and export bank is headquartered in Beijing. At present, there are 22 business branches in China; It has a Paris branch, a South Africa representative office and a representative office in st. Petersburg. The correspondent bank relationship was established with the total branch of more than 1000 Banks. The export-import bank of China is an important part of China's foreign trade and economic support system and an important part of the financial system.

By the end of 2015, [1], the export-import bank of China, had a loan balance of more than rmb520 billion in "One Belt And One Road". There are more than 1000 "One Belt And One Road" projects with loan balances in 49 countries along the routes, covering roads, railways, ports, electricity, telecommunications and other fields.

China investment corporation

China Investment Bank [1] is the national professional Bank that has raised construction funds from the People's Republic of China for Investment credit. In accordance with the requirements of state-owned enterprises, independent accounting, self-financing and self-financing, is an independent accounting, self-financing state-owned enterprises. China investment bank is an independent corporation. It was established in December 1981. The head office is in Beijing. It has branches in Shanghai, tianjin, jiangsu, hebei, hunan, fujian, liaoning and other provinces and municipalities.

The central bank of the Russian

Bank of Russia is the central bank of the Russian federation. The bank of Russia was established in July 1990 as the bank of the Russian republic of the Soviet central bank. All Russian bank capital and property owned by the Russian federation, but according to the Russian constitution and the Russian federation, the central bank law, Russian bank is independent of the federal government and local government to exercise their functions and powers. The Russian government and Russian Banks are not responsible for each other's debts. Russian Banks to in charge of the Russian federation, the state duma, Russia's bank by the state duma according to Russia's President, suggested that appointment and dismissal, council member of the Russian Banks by the state duma according to the Russian President's advice (agree) must be made via President appointed. The state duma can request the Russian federal audit office to audit the operation of Russian Banks. Russian Banks must report annual reports and monetary policy implementation to the state duma.


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China in the car

China National Vehicle Co., Ltd. ("China Car", the abbreviation "CRRC") is approved by the State Council, approved by the State Council SASAC, by the China South Locomotive Co., Ltd., China North Vehicle Co., Ltd. in accordance with the principle of the merger of the formation of A + H shares listed companies, is a central enterprise. [1] approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, June 8, 2015, China's car in the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. According to the company in June 2016 official website, the Group has 46 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, more than 17 million employees, the Group is headquartered in Beijing 1


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Research Institutions

Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute was established in 1958, for the National Class A Architectural Design Institute. Design Institute relies on Tsinghua University profound academic, scientific research and teaching resources, and as a building college, soil and water college and other faculties teaching, research and practice of the base.

Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute of existing engineering design staff of more than 700 people, including the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences 3, the national level registered 110 architects, a registered structural engineers more than 70 senior professional and technical personnel accounted for 50% Above, talent-intensive, professional complete, high-quality personnel, strong technical force


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The highest institution1

Tsinghua University, "2011 Plan", "Excellence Program", "Excellent Legal Personnel Education and Training Program", "Excellence Doctor Education and Training Program", Nine Schools Union (C9), East Asian Research University Association, Pacific Rim University Alliance, University of Asia Union [1], Tsinghua University - Cambridge University - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Low Carbon Energy University Union


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