China Minsheng Bank

Being founded on Jan. 12, 1996 in Beijing, China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd. was listed with H share on Nov. 26, 2009 on Hong Kong Stock Exchange(shanghai Stock Exchange: 600016, Hong Kong Stock Exchange: 01988). It is the first nation-wide joint-stock commercial bank that was initiated and established mainly by privately-owned companies as well as a modern financial enterprise founded strictly abiding by Chinese Corporation Law and Commercial Bank Law. Among the 500 top companies released in June, 2017 by Fortune magazine, it ranked the 251st. As the test field of Chinese banking reform, China Minsheng Bank always remember its missions of being born to serve people and living together with people, shoulders its task of reform and innovation, and concentrates on exploring the construction way of Chinese commercial banks for China banking industry, on providing customers with services with professional characters and on creating investors more market value and investment return. 


CHINA ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF DEVELOPMENT FINANCINGCAPDF was approved  and registered  by Ministry of Civil Affairs and founded in April, 2013 as a line organization.

National development bank

Founded in 1994, China Development Bank is a policy financial institution under the direct leadership of State Council. In December, 2008, it was restructured as CHINADEVELOPMENTBANKCORPORATION.  In March, 2015, State Council explicitly positioned it as a development financial institution. With a registered capital of 421.248 billion RMB Yuan, its shareholders include Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China, Central Huijin Investment,  National Council for Social Security Fund whose shareholding ratios are  36.54%, 34.68%, 27.19% and 1.59%respectively. China Development Bank serves the major medium-term and long-term development strategies of national economy mainly through financial services such as medium and long term credit and load and investment etc. up to the end of 2015, its total assets amount to 12.62 trillion RMB Yuan, loan balance reaches 9.21 trillion Yuan, cumulative principal and interest recovery rate 98.78%, staying at high level for 16 consecutive years; net profit 102.788 billion Yuan, ROA0.90%, ROE11.74%, capital adequacy ratio 10.81%, which strengthens its sustainable developing ability and anti-risk ability. Moody and Standard& Poor have classified China Development Bank in conformance to China sovereignty rating for consecutive years.

China citic bank

Previously named as CITIC Industrial Bank, founded in 1987 and renamed as present name, China CITIC Bank is one of the national commercial banks. With its headquarters in Beijing, its major shareholder is CITIC Limited. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A BBVA purchased 5% of its shares with 0.501 billion Euros and has the choice to hold more shares up to 10.07%. On April 27, 2007, CITIC was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange.  With total assets of 1200 billion Hong Kong dollars, 16,000.00 employees and over 540 branches, CITTC is the seventh largest bank in China mainland and among the China-owned six banks and three insurance companies of financial stocks.

China-Africa Development Fund

China-Africa Development Fund is one of the eight policies put up by Chairman Hu Jintao in Nov. 2006 on the Beijing summit of Forum for China-Africa Cooperation for practical cooperation with Africa, which is the special fund established for Chinese enterprises to cooperate with Africa and open African market. Starting business on June 26, 2007, it is the fund inaugurated by China chairman and State Council leaders, also the largest private equity fund in China, and the first private equity fund special for African investment. It was approved for establishment by State Council and the first investment of 1 billion US dollars are given out by China Development Bank whose investment will reach up to 5 billion US dollars finally. 

Central Bank of Nigeria

Central Bank of Nigeria Was officially established on July 1, 1959 according to Central Bank of Nigeria Act which was passed in March in 1958 and revised several times in 1991, 1993, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2007. Central Bank of Nigeria Act and Banks and other Financial Institutions Act constitute the legal basis for daily operation and supervision of Central Bank of Nigeria. According to Clause 2 in Central Bank of Nigeria Act revised in 2007, the main responsibilities of Central Bank of Nigeria are ensuring the currency and price stability, issuing legal currency, keeping foreign exchange reserve as well as maintaining exchange rate stability, pushing forward the establishment of complete financial system, acting as the governmental bank and proposing economic and financial suggestions. 

The central bank of the Russian

Founded in July, 1990 and evolving from Soviet central bank --Bank of Russian Republic, Bank of Russia is the central bank of Russian Federation. All capital and assets of Bank of Russia belong to Russian Federation but the former exercises its official powers independent of Federal government and local government according to Russian Constitution and Russian Federation Central Bank Law. Bank of Russia and Russian government are not liable to one another regarding debt. Bank of Russia is responsible for federal Duma, who will appoint and resign the bank president with Russian president’s proposal and appoint members of bank court under the suggestion of the bank president with the consent of Russian president. Duma has the power to order Russian Audit Office to audit the bank’s operation and the latter has to hand in yearly report to Duma and report to the latter about currency policy execution status. 


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China in the car

CRRC Corporation Ltd.(shortly CRRC) is consented and approved by State Council and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission for establishment and was co-founded through the merging of CSR Corporation Ltd. and CNR under the principle of reciprocity . It is an A plus H share listed company and also a state-owned central enterprise. On June 8, 2015, it was approved by Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission to be listed on SSE and HKEx.  According to its website dated June, 2016, the corporation has 46 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, 170 thousand employees and headquarters in Beijing.


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Research Institutions

Founded in 1958, is national Grade A architecture design institute. It relies on the academic, science research and teaching resources and the base for to teach, research and practice. Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University has over 700 engineering designers, 3 of whom are academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering or Chinese Academy of Sciences, 110 of whom are national first-class registered architects, 70 are national registered structural engineers and more than 50% of whom are senior professional technicians, which shows the Institute is dense with talents, complete with professions, high in personnel quality and strong in technical capacity. 


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The highest institution1

Tsinghua University, in short, Tsinghua, is directly subordinate to Ministry of Education and is under the direct administration of the central government as well as a vice-ministerial level national key university. It is listed in Project 211, Project 985, Everest Plan, Institutions of higher learning innovation ability enhancement, Programme of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities), Excellent Engineer Education and Training Programme, Ecellent legal talents education and training programme, Excellent Doctors Education and Training Programme, C9 League, AEARU, APRU, Asian University Alliance and LCEUA. 


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