Myanmar gas power station

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The DBV power plant in myanmar has a planned capacity of 304 gw, with total investment of more than 10 billion RMB. It is one of the largest DBV power generation projects in China. In the second phase of the project, the 339,000-kw gas-steam combined cycle unit will be built respectively, and the final scale will be 6 39mw gas-steam combined cycle units. In the same period, we plan to construct 4 175,000 kw gas-steam cycle thermoelectric combined generating units. Unit 1 of phase I project 1. Natural gas is a new power plant that is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and peak. Fuel is currently the world's cleanest source of liquefied natural gas, with no sulphide, with minimal nitrogen oxides. The main equipment introduces the international advanced 9F gas-steam combined cycle unit, the thermal efficiency is about 57%, the start-stop is quick, the peak performance is good. Industrial waste water and living waste water can be recycled and utilized properly. "zero emission" has been realized, and the environmental protection and sustainable development policies of the national energy saving and consumption reduction and low-carbon economy have been effectively put into practice.