Wen-li gao

2017-10-30 09:24|Browse:200times

Gao wenli

a researcher, former director of xiangyang machinery factory in the city of hunjiang, the project leader; Manager and project leader of the labor service company of the river health bureau (CPPCC); The director and chief of the factory of the city's iron and steel factory (CPPCC member); The general manager and party chief of the smelting foundry industry corporation (CPPCC) in the city of mujiang. The director and secretary of the innovation and architectural design institute of yantai development zone (CPPCC member), leader of the demonstration project; Shandong anlfa technology development co., LTD. (shandong special invitation experts) demonstration project team leader and general manager; Beijing anerfa science and technology development co., LTD. Undertakes the "fifteen years" national science and technology breakthrough plan - "China small town construction special" demonstration project leader and chairman; Beijing anerfa science and technology development co., LTD. Is responsible for the implementation of the national development and reform commission (NDRC), the executive director of the research group and the director of the demonstration project. Bear the national soft science research plan - "the development of modern service industry to promote rural modernization construction" and "land financial" first try "standard pilot demonstration project" group executive team leader and demonstration projects, director of the office; To be the head of the research group of the research group of China's new rural development and reform. Retirement was appointed expert group members, the national center for non-traditional security research in September 2014 as a senior researcher, bear country 11 non-traditional security research project team leader and expert committee director; Since 2015, I have participated in and presided over one of the heads of the preparatory preparatory group for the research of the research on the research of the project of ecological science and technology of interdisciplinary science and technology.